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Titel: On Frameworks for the Visualization of Privacy Policies Implications
Publikationstyp: Konferenzbeiträge
Autoren: Accorsi R, Stocker T
Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
Journal: W3C Workshop on Access Control Application Scenarios
Tagung: W3C Workshop on Access Control Application Scenarios, Luxemburg
Kurzfassung: Privacy policies provide a way to automate the control of data access and usage across different systems and enterprise domains. Due to the ever growing complexity and number of policies, users are often unaware of the amount of information they implicitly release as a function of a given (possibly negotiated or combined) privacy policy. This is substantiated by a several experiments demonstrating that users fail to capture their privacy preferences when specifying their policies. Below, we motivate the need for frameworks to compute and visualize the implications of a policy, i.e. to make implicit access and usage decisions explicit to users. In enhancing the usability of policy specification and negotiation, users are eventually able to define more precise policies, which is an essential feature for current computing models based on social networks and cloud and ubiquitous computing.
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