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Title: Personal Data as Payment Method in SNS and Users’ Concerning Price Sensitivity - A Survey
Book title: Business Information Systems Workshops
Publication type: Book chapters
Authors: Nolte C
Year of publication: 2015
Location of publication: Poznań, Poland
Publisher: Witold Abramowicz
Journal: Springer International Publishing
Pages: 273 - 282
Series: Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing
Abstract: The guiding question of this paper is whether Social Network Service (SNS) users show price sensitivity regarding the demanded extent of personal data disclosure assuming personal data as payment method within SNSs. In a survey among 300 Facebook (FB) users the interviewees were asked for their actual used FB functions. In a quasi-experimental part during the survey they chose out of the same functionalities given the direct trade-off for specific personal data exploitation rights. The results show that the interviewees are sensitive regarding the price. Further, in general they choose fewer functions than they actually stated using in FB, even if the demanded “price” was lower. Moreover, the findings support the theory that users misinterpret SNS data exploitation rights.
URL/DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-26762-3_24
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