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Telematics is composed of syllables from “telecommunications" and "informatics". It is a compulsory optional subject at the University of Freiburg within the scope of the main study of economics and computer science.

Telematics in Society

Information and communication technologies are to play an increasingly stronger role in reshaping society. In addition to technical provisions, the future development of Europe and the image of the new business world will depend on the answers to economical, societal and ecological issues.

From a technical perspective, the interplay between communication networks and information technology is investigated. Through the change of Internet from an economic communication medium to an economic relevant infrastructure, however, an economic and societal examination level has been added to the technical one. Computer networks, distributed systems and telematics systems connect people, enterprises and business processes, so that one meanwhile talks of a "digital economy" with digital markets, where electronic trade takes place (e-commerce). The Internet has become the backbone of this networking since 1995 and has encompassed practically all business aspects.

Telematics as Field of Study – Target Group

The range of courses offered is directed to students of economics as well as computer science. Economics can achieve access into modern information and communication technologies via their compulsory optional subject and thereby examine, in particular, the economic factors when deploying new technologies. Beyond their technical focus, computer science students also have the opportunity to methodically examine the impacts of a deployment of technology in the economic reality.

Further Information:

Appointments with Prof. Dr. G. Müller are available upon request to the secretary’s office (tel. 0761/203-4964).

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