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Telematik- und Kommunikationssysteme in der vernetzten WirtschaftTelematik- und Kommunikationssysteme in der vernetzten Wirtschaft

Lehrbücher Wirtschaftsinformatik, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag

Authors: Günter Müller, Torsten Eymann, Michael Kreutzer

Attached you find an extract as well as the table of contents!


In spite of the disappointments which the "new economy" left, the development of a network-based economic activity is still based on the innovative application of telematics systems. Technological options are computer networks (OSI, internet), distributed systems (COBRA, JINI), wireless communication (GSM, UMTS, WLAN), spontaneous networks (Bluetooth, IrDA), knowledge representation (HTML, XML), as well as design and availability of security.

The usage of telematics systems will lead to a further virtualization of transactions in economy and society. Besides economic concepts, the handling of security and trust and the creation of acceptable trust infrastructures is of decisive importance.

This book shows the relevant elements, their structures and connection as well as the differences between existing and future telematics systems and technologies. Furthermore, the mapping from technology to the demands of the value-added chain are discussed and the experiences for a creation of productive knowledge and action infrastructures are elaborated.

The "Lehrbücher Wirtschaftsinformatik" series, published by Prof. Dr. Karl Kurbel, is intended for students of economics, business informatics, computer science and related disciplines at universities and colleges of higher education.

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Illustrations of the textbook:

You may download them here sorted by chapter as a ZIP file.

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