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The three infrastructuresThe changes in the economy, introduced by the information and communication technology can be divided into three areas of the information society:

  • Technological preconditions (technological infrastructure)
  • Conception and presentation of knowledge (knowledge infrastructure)
  • Social norms and habits

In this scope, three problems are discussed:

  1. What can happen? - The technological question.
  2. What will happen? - The economic question.
  3. What should happen? - The social question.

Our current research focus lies on:

Business Process Security (BPSec)

The Business Process Security group investigates architectures and mechanisms for the enforcement and auditing of security as well as data protection policies in distributed systems. [mehr]

IT Risk, Compliance and Resilience

The increasing dependency of enterprises on their IT leads to an increasing economic significance of IT risks and IT compliance. Management of the risks involved is a dynamic process and necessitates methods that enable a consideration of the constant changes in IT systems and their operational utilization, the changing attacks on the technical infrastructure and the increasing demands on legal and regulatory regulations. These are the object of research in the field of "IT Risks and Compliance". [mehr]

Smart Grid and Privacy

This research group examines business processes and privacy protective mechanisms and architectures in Demand Response programs.[more]


Approaches to digitize money exist since the beginning of social networking. The economic calculations behind this is the realization of potential savings in transaction costs and the costs of the monetary system as a whole. Originally the focus was mainly pointing on the digital representation of real currency.[more]


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